Vault of midnight speed dating

You’ll know you’ve been hit only after the fact, by which time it’s too late to react.

The laser alert can also be triggered by deflection from a nearby car, sparing you with a wakeup call.

Each week, five of the fifteen finalists are chosen to show new films, with one of them being cut from the competition the following week.

The directors and films shown this week Carrie Fisher said her favorite film was Broken Pipe Dreams, Garry Marshall said his favorite film was Dough: The Musical, and guest judge Michael Bay said his favorite film was Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey.

Spring for a hard-wired system like the K40 that conceals the receiver under the bumper or behind the grille, rather than hanging off your windshield like a scarlet letter.

In the second episode, the 36 remaining semi-finalists were asked to divide themselves into groups of three and write, shoot, and edit a short film within 24 hours based on the theme "out of time" and each director was judged individually on his or her section of the film.

In this week, contestants were challenged to return to their hometowns and shoot a one-minute comedic short film.

Garry Marshall chose Unplugged and Keep Off Grass as his favorite films. The directors and films shown this week Carrie Fisher and guest judge Gary Ross chose Driving Under The Influence as their favorite film, and substitute judge Penny Marshall chose Backseat Driving Test as her favorite film.

The films in this episode were based on the logline submitted by the winner of the America's Choice Logline Challenge, Kim Saucier from Levant, Maine.

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