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Frameless construction is available in our Bishop, Wellsford and Fabuwood cabinetry lines.

With framed cabinetry there are many variations in construction.

A plywood box is superior construction wise but will not work with some of the high gloss laminate and foil finishes that are popular in the European style cabinetry.

With these finishes only particleboard sides are possible.

Up until a couple of years ago all of the popular lines that they carried with the exception of their Decora line fell short on construction quality.

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In a framed cabinet the frame holds the cabinet box square and each solid wood cabinet front is screwed to the ones next to them adding considerable strength.Frameless lines require designers to consider the frameless cabinetry’s construction limitations and to keep door widths and drawer widths to a minimum to avoid undue stress on the cabinetry.Even designing this way, the average lifespan of a well made frameless line is probably 20 years, especially if you are hard on things in general.With frameless cabinetry lines since the construction is nearly identical from line to line the construction quality difference between each European line is negligible.Expensive lines will have better drawer options but if the drawers are upgraded to at least a solid wood box and blumotion tracks the longevity of each cabinet line will be very similar whether you are buying inexpensive IKEA or very expensive Poggenpohl cabinetry.

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