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The PPMW Board and leadership recognize and honor the important connection between the Health Center and the community as part of the rich legacy of Mrs. But, tough decisions had to be made about the allocation of our resources so that we can continue to provide quality health care to our patients east of the Anacostia River and throughout the DC metropolitan area.We will work with our patients to assist them in accessing quality reproductive care at our Schumacher Center in downtown DC and in Silver Spring.Most modern Egyptians consider Muslim or Coptic Christian beliefs when it comes to the opposite sex and dating as it is practiced in the West is relatively rare.

PPMW is committed to ensuring that everyone in our community has access to affordable, high quality, non-judgmental reproductive health care at one of the PPMW health centers or through our partnerships with other community health providers.After long and careful consideration, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan of Washington DC has decided to close the Ophelia Egypt Health Center at 3937A Minnesota Ave., N. The lease on the property ends on that date, and we will vacate the premises by that date. E., will be closed, effective October 31, 2014Faced with the hard reality of a significant deficit in its operating budget last year, PPMW must trim expenses so they are in alignment with revenues.Consequently, with the approval of the PPMW Board of Directors, the leadership of PPMW has decided to implement these closings.Those arrested are subjected to anal examinations to determine whether they have had gay sex, which rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch say amounts to torture.Five such examinations have taken place, Amnesty International said on Monday.

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