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Kendall told arresting officers he was walking a "warrior's path" down State Street when he saw a woman inside the restaurant who he thought was being held as a slave because of a type of blouse she was wearing.He saw the shirt as a "signal," adding that he knew "that is what Arabs do."Kendall said he started yelling because he saw a "Saddam Hussein looking guy."Kendall said he walked inside the restaurant and told the young woman she was free to leave.The employee told police Kendall seemed erratic and unhinged.He said he was afraid because he didn't know what Kendall would do next.He explained that Popp is still convicted of the offenses, and could still be found criminally responsible, in which case he would be subject to mandatory life sentences on the homicide counts.If the jury accepts the insanity plea, Popp would be committed to a secure state mental hospital for indefinite treatment.But let’s be honest, this controversy is the result of Indiana’s silly hodgepodge of alcohol laws.We all know how ridiculous it is that you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday, but did you know that in a liquor store you can’t sell cold soda or bottled still water, but you can sell carbonated water in a bottle?

Kendall then yelled expletives as the pipe — which he called "the horn of Gabriel" — pounded against the employee's skull.Kendall's March 7 hate crime attack at the Al Aqsa Fine Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant garnered widespread local and national coverage from news outlets like The Washington Post and CBS News. He threw a plastic object at the man then charged at him with a pipe.A probable cause statement gave the following account of the incident: Kendall burst into the restaurant the afternoon of March 7 and accosted an employee. Kendall swore at the employee and struck him in the head with the pipe.Repeal the liquor store commodity restriction and let them sell whatever they want, just as in grocery and big box stores.Let minors enter a liquor store as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. There also needs to be a restructuring of the permit and distribution system, but that’s another column for another time.

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