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Also You can re-read board's status by pushing [get status] and re-read internally saved config from the board by pushing [read config].Button [set defaults] will set safe parameters to the board's config that can be applied later.So, after doing modification, it's time to enable new firmware, that allows to use external buffer and GPS-receiver.Source-code archive: easydabv2_sfn-gz (vendor-provided IP-cores must be regenerated).

Also stream source settings must be setted here, like board's role: TCP-server or client, ports to losten or to connect and additional flags as basic Zero MQ protocol handshake, that enables Zero MQ communication with ODR-Dab MUX software.

The main modification - is to remove quartz resonator replace 2 capacitors, cut one trace and connect DAC's pin to ground. If You don't have such, just go to closest mobile phone repair and they will do it for you.

So, XTAL_SEL pin must be cutted from VCC and grounded, this needed to switch DAC to external reference mode.

The resulting "on-top" image would be like this: This information is for newer boards, where place for SRAM has been routed on PCB.

If You have board with 3XX or upper number, take a look at it's back side, if You have place for IC9, IC8 and R22 - then You can install SRAM chips directly to the board: R22 - is wire jumper, connect it's pad's or solder resistor with 1KOhm or less.

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