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Genetic evidence points to the presence of modern humans in southeast Asia before 60,000 years ago, but actual fossil evidence is scant and circumstantial. present evidence for a modern human presence in the region between 73,000 and 63,000 years based on three dating methods applied to consolidated breccia rocks in a cave in Sumatra, Indonesia, which had previously yielded human teeth.

military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, Operation Ranch.

The deciduous trees can speed dating orange tree become massive. A numbered day in a why is radioactive dating important month, often given with a combination of the name of the day, the….

Luminescence and uranium-series techniques applied to bone-bearing sediments and speleothems, and coupled uranium-series and electron spin resonance dating of mammalian teeth, place modern humans in Sumatra between 73 and 63 ka.

This age is consistent with biostratigraphic estimations.

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