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I've changed my eating habits to 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between. About Guys I Want To Meet: Funny, outgoing, hardworking, honest, and can take sarcastic jokes without getting offended. About Me: Hey guys, Thanks for checking out my page. Live in Cleveland, Ohio but being a corporate pilot I have the privilage of traveling around the states and world. About Me: Hey guys, just a little bit about me: I like hip hop and rap music as well as R About Guys I Want To Meet: Just looking to meet fun people to be around and someone that is into fitness. Use to be 128 then after letting myself go for a bit I got up to 200lbs, but now I managed to get down to 167. About Guys I Want To Meet: Really looking for anyone, as long as they are nice and respectful. Have two boys (with half-time custody) and my world revolves around them. Not terribly into clubs, bars, etc., but I do like to be social. Yeah, I'm into buff guys or men who obviously take care of their bodies. About Me: Well I'm kinda an artist, i love to: Weight lift, cook, bake, play trombone and piano, draw, paint, sculpt, cuddle, video games, and fold origami, and yoga. is a professional online dating site for Bisexual, Bi-curious, Bi-Single and Bi-Couple.

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I'm a big kid in my free time and a machine in my work.And we really hope we can help even if it is just an ear to listen or a bit of advice.One thing is for sure, you will find many bisexuals and gays! Sign Up the Bisexual community and then begin an exciting date.is an Online dating site for Bisexual, Bi-curious and Gays.

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