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A scroll through the site Opentopia offers hundreds of such views from publicly available cameras streaming online — more than 820 in the U. alone — silently gazing over public parks, into waiting rooms, on front porches.

This antidote to reality television encourages patience and discovery: the subtle thrill of live surveillance footage, of watching while being unseen, brings the power of spying to any viewer with a broadband connection and time on their hands.

They’re going to be going facing VIPER agents, the best of the best. “You don’t know the first thing about how to strangle a girl. Try it again.” A little ego-bruised, he lunges again.

She asks what he’d do if he had to fight a VIPER without his weapon. “Show me.” She lifts her chin, inviting him to strangle her. He’s thinking about protecting himself, and his grip isn’t tight.

Later that day her dad is on the phone with her mom/ his ex. She suggest him to use a “scared straight” service.

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Later that day Alexa walks to the kitchen, passing by the computer. However this was no make-believe…without knowing it, her dad had hired a sex killer. She thrashes and pummels the guy, but he’s learned well.

Starring: Alexa Raye, Jack Vegas A young girl is flirting on the phone with a guy.

Her door is a little bit open and her dad is listening to the whole conversation.

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