Dating an ex boyfriends friend

You still have feelings for your ex, which is completely normal.It takes a while to get over someone you really cared about.I don't want to be too hard on you because I'm sure you are hurting, and that's payback enough. Well, the first thing you should do is learn from it.Admit your errors to yourself and accept that the situation is nobody's fault but your own.

2) You lied when you told your friend you no longer had feelings for your ex.Check back every week for her take on dating and relationships.Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- "Would you be upset if a friend starting dating someone they knew you were once deeply in love with?Liking two guys at one time is hard enough on it’s own and things get even more complicated when those dudes are friends.Honestly though, it sounds to me like you’re not ready to jump into a relationship with a new guy yet, even though you have a crush on him.

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