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It began by matching up students at Harvard, and then quickly moved on to advertising and selling its services nationwide—much like Ok Cupid and Facebook (which began life as Facemash, a Hot or Not knockoff) did decades later.

In popular lore, Operation Match and its founders created computer dating.

By young people, of course, who were definitely men and, it seems to go without saying, white.

In the 1960s, a computer dating service called Operation Match appeared to take the world by storm.

Miniskirts might be all right, but letting women wear men's clothes or do men's work—running a business, for instance, or rising into management—was still outside the realm of respectability, and usually outside the realm of possibility, for most women.

This was why, after a few years working as a shop girl, Joan decided that she'd had enough.

After struggling for years with a difficult home life, it was Joan’s eventual refusal to take further abuse that caused her mother to involuntarily commit her.

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Joan left the hospital disoriented and disheartened.Across the pond, at about the same time, the United States was undergoing a sexual revolution of its own.And, like the British one, its results for women were uneven.Brands currently working with Dateline Platinum include Speed Dater, Laterlife, Solos Holidays, SPICE UK, Midsummers Eve and Nexus, with talks ongoing with other major leisure brands.Scrolling through pictures, swiping right or left on a touchscreen, effortless and nearly instant contact in the event of a match…

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