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The average age of women getting married in 2013 went down by 0.3 years to 30.4 and that of men similarly fell by 0.3 years to 32.7.

Although getting married has been postponed, nevertheless, most Finnish women and men get married at some point in life.

In 1988, Finland's Marriage Act was amended so that it became easier to obtain a divorce.

Either of the spouses can file for divorce and either can after that file for final divorce.

In the 2000s, a clear tendency can be seen where the share of unmarried persons grows.

In 2000, the share of those married and having been married was 88 % of all those aged 45 and older: 89 % of women and 86 % of men.

This appeared to be the case at first, but after a few years, the number of divorces started to rise again.According to the 2011 population census data, 68 % of people aged 20 or older were or had been married.This group does not of course give a correct picture of the share of those who have sometimes been married in a situation when getting married is postponed to a later age.While 446 partners registered their partnerships during 2002, the number decreased in the following year to under half of this figure.In recent years, the number of registrations has increased slightly, but the figure for 2002 has not been exceeded yet.

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