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(See also: the towns of Vadsø and Vardø.) Eventually, on 1 January 1852, the rural district was separated from the town of Hammerfest to form the new municipality of Hammerfest landdistrikt (later renamed Sørøysund).The northern district of Maasø was separated in 1839, and the southern district of Kvalsund was separated in 1869.

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The municipality called Hammerfest by og landdistrikt was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt).Their best known raids were probably the Norwegian heavy water sabotage. In the capital area, the Oslogjengen carried out several sabotage missions.In cooperation with Milorg, the main Norwegian resistance organisation, communication lines with London were gradually improved during the war, so that by 1945, 64 radio operators were spread throughout Norway. Damm), the Linge Company was for a time counted amongst the most decorated military forces in the United Kingdom during World War II.The members of the unit were trained at various locations in the United Kingdom, including at the SOE establishment at Drumintoul Lodge in the Cairngorms, Scotland.Their initial raids in 1941 were to Lofoten (Operation Claymore) and Måløy (Operation Archery), where Martin Linge was killed.

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